Since 2005, the brand founded by Sylvie Maréchal
sculpts the light and exploits the best
of innovative LED technology.
Since 2013, the designer Sylvie Maréchal creates
100% BESPOKE chandeliers:
inspired by the Chandeliers of the
18th century Castels, she revisits the classics,
reinvents them, using secular materials
that she illuminates thanks to LED

Limoges porcelain, mouth-blown glass, molten glass
everything is 100% Made In France signing like this
a French manufacturing combined with a purely French style.

Her poetic, chic and elegant universe draws the attention
of the biggest: architects, individuals, hotels,
restaurants, her work is adapted to everyone, bringing
always the poetic touch combined with a light
velvety and smoothing as she wants it to be.

Sylvie’s challenge: to create unique luminous works
for each place, which fit perfectly to the space.